Friday, July 6, 2012

Social Media is Brave like the Hulk

Hi Everybody,

Today I became brave; from behind a computer. I shared my blog on facebook and invited people to become 'followers'. It was important to get past the cult-like feel of it and possible embarrassment of expressing my inner-most technological feelings, but barriers need broken down, and lines need to be crossed. Are you feeling brave my friends?

Despite the Hulk complex I have regarding my daring blog accomplishments today, I wanted to discuss what I have learned so far about creating a blog:

1) It's really not that difficult- Blogger is very user friendly and has a great help search engine appropriately entitled "Blogger Help." Help You can type any question or key words you have and it will direct you to the most relevant answers and information to your question.

2) Take it slow- Do you remember how long it took you to learn all the different functions of facebook? I have so many ideas and visions for this blog. I want to learn everything right now! The reality is that life gets in the way, so prioritize what is most important for you to learn, and become really good at it.

3.) Listening- If you want to learn a lot, ask a lot of questions. I have this part down : talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah. But then out of nowhere it came to me like an urgent news flash: you have to listen to learn. I've heard about this theory before. So that is what I did:  I talked to professionals, researched blogs others have created, and went out of my comfort zone to learn a new trade. If I didn't listen to the advice people gave me, this blog would likely be very political. Here is an interesting article about listening as the next social media frontier: Listening as Social Media

Maybe this blog won't go nation-wide because let's face it, this idea isn't original and there isn't an enormous constituency that cares about my blogging mission statement. The idea is as followed: I use this blog to learn the best blogging techniques so when it comes time to use these skills for a professional endeavor, I have worked out all the kinks and am ready to  produce results!

Next blog: Getting Techy Wit It- Adding more sophisticated features

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  1. The different functions of facebook? No, because when I joined facebook it was a simpler time where only college students could join and it was pretty much a glorified instant messenger. Now get off my lawn.