Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog Introduction

Day 1

I decided that today I will get the ball rolling with my social media blogging experiment. So I thought to begin by asking myself what is social media anyway? The business minds tell me that it’s a catalyst to keep followers engaged; an outlet for current happenings, and opportunities for informative dialogue and networking.

I have Facebook and Linkedin, and have even tried my hand at Twitter. But Blogs??? I spent a great amount of time deciding what the content of my blog will be, and even agonized over whether I should keep this strictly professional, or if I could entertain the masses with my amusing thoughts. I'm sure both will happen in the future, but for now, I want to learn the bare bones of blogging. 

As I learn more I plan to incorporate the following (subject to change as my understanding deepens):

 1.) Resources- I will be seeking out the finest to assist in the creation of this masterpiece. I have already been given a wonderful list of how-to sites that provide information by way of: seminars, webinars, ebooks, reports, and personnel.

 2.) Community Forum- I crave discussion and inventive minds! I envision this portion of the blog to have a Q&A, best practices session, and any relevant information in designing this outlet.

 3.) HTML- No this isn’t the alphabet, this is Hyper Text Markup Language used to describe webpages. I will be using W3 School tutorials to learn this material. Google Blogger has an option to use this plain text format and I will eventually be trying my hand at it.

Stay tuned to find out what kind of nerdy conundrums I will be confronted with next time.


  1. Welcome to the blog world, Brandi! It's so fun . . . I think you are going to enjoy yourself. I blog too at

    :) Callie

    1. Hi Callie,
      Your Blog is beautiful! Any tips for the newbie here?
      Take Care,

  2. nice blog. thanks for your attention.